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Looking to preserve or improve your roofs, walls and parking assets? RFP Group is here to provide you with all the tools you need to keep your exterior assets in top functional condition. Leverage our experience and independent professional services to maximize your investments and defer capital improvements for as long as possible. Find out more by exploring the services below.

Inspection, Documentation & Database Deployment

B.E.A.M. Building Envelope Asset Management

You can't get to where you want to be without knowing where you are starting from. B.E.A.M. allows you to see the full picture, the true condition of your roofs, walls & parking assets. You also gain the added convenience of on-line access to crucial data 24/7. Invite RFP Group to inspect your assets and catalogue your conditions in an easy to use database that will help you manage your asset maintenance more effectively.

Introductory Consultation

Find Out How RFP Group Can Help

Facilities Management is a monumental undertaking. If your facility or campus is experiencing recurring leaks that have not been successfully diagnosed, or you just want a clear picture of the condition of your roofs, walls & parking assets, invite RFP Group to be your comprehensive solutions provider. We can assist you with creative financing and incentive programs to help offset some of the cost of your projects. Request a no obligation consultation today.

Project Specification Preparation & Project Management


Good design starts with understanding the dynamics of a facility as well as why you are replacing or restoring an asset. These issues point to the right materials and installation methodology. Guiding your contractor through this process is our number one job. Making sure you pay a fair price for this work is certainly important too, along with maintaining an efficient production and completion schedule.

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If you would like to meet with an RFP Group Representative to discuss waterproofing issues or asset management, you can do so with no obligation. Please provide some information below and we will contact you promptly to schedule a consultation. Your information will be kept confidential.

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RFP Group Clients

What do they have to say?


Eurofins Lancaster Labs,

After ten years of wrestling with a nuisance wall leak in the main entrance conference room, RFP Group diagnosed the leak in one afternoon. "We would recommend Paul Boddy to any facility manager looking for help with roofing or waterproofing issues". Brian Lassiter


Carroll Engineering Corporation

Over twenty five years of collaboration with this civil engineering firm. "His in-depth knowledge and understanding of institutional and municipal roofing and waterproofing principles has greatly helped us through some difficult projects." Matt Garber



Many successful projects completed with this A&E firm. "We highly value his superior technical knowledge and expertise in roofing and building systems." Luke Gong, R.A.

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